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Pets - R - Us

Your complete pet store in Omaha. Pets-R-Us specializes in your pets’ needs. We provide the following services:

Pet Grooming
Leave your pet with us for grooming services. Our groomers know safe and efficient ways to make sure that your pet gets pampered correctly. Professional groomers will brush your pet, removing dirt, dandruff, and dead hairs. Doing so can help in identifying issues like fleas, ticks, bald or dry patches, and even swelling. The groomers will also clean your pet’s ears, making sure that there aren’t any signs of infections.

We will trim your pet’s hair as well. Unkempt hair around your pet’s eyes can cause irritation and infection. Any excess hair that makes your pet uncomfortable will also be removed. Our dog grooming services also include bathing to keep your pet germ-free. We also trim your pet’s nails. Trimmed nails can prevent serious injury, stopping them from getting caught in upholstery. Nail trimming also prevents the likelihood of ingrown nails and eases arthritis and joint pain of older pets.

Doggie Day Care
If you need to leave your pet for a couple of hours, we can watch them for you. Our doggie day care will let your dog play with other pets. We will also make sure that your dog is well taken care of. We will feed and give them what they need.

Dog Hotel
We can also watch and care for your dog if you plan to be away for a while. We will provide them with the things they need: food, water, exercise, and even medication.

Dog Training
If you are looking for a dog trainer in Omaha, look no further. We also provide dog training services that help your pet behave properly.

Pet Store in Omaha, NE

Pet Shop
You can also meet and bring home your new best friend. You can choose from the following pets to bring home:
  • Puppies
  • Kittens
  • Small Animals
  • Fishes
  • Birds

Aside from pets, we also provide your pets’ needs. You can pick up some toys, treats, food, and other items at our pet store. Come visit us today!

Our shopping center is home to many specialty stores and establishments. Shop with us today at Rockbrook Village!

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