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Quality College Planning Resources in O/maha, NE

There is so much you can find at Rockbrook Village®. From locally made merchandise and freshly served meals to homegrown merchants and professional service providers, they all await you at our shopping center. We are also home to educational centers that offer comprehensive programs and materials to support learners of all ages.

If you are looking for quality college planning resources that can help you prepare for higher education, then there is no other place to visit but our Village. The nonprofit organization at our shopping complex is ready to assist you in college planning and more. Visit us today to get started!

EducationQuest Foundation

Preparing for college is easier with the help of EducationQuest Foundation. This private, nonprofit organization provides students and their families with comprehensive support in college planning, application, and more. They do so to help make higher education more accessible to learners across Nebraska.
Partner with EducationQuest Foundation and receive the college planning resources you require! To get started, schedule an appointment today and consult a representative about your needs.

Free Support for Nebraska Learners
EducationQuest Foundation offers a full line of services to help you prepare for higher education. The organization’s primary offering is college planning resources for learners and their families. Their hub at Rockbrook Village® is home to various materials that are helpful in:
  • researching colleges
  • exploring scholarships and career options
  • understanding student loans
  • completing and filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Most of the college planning resources can be accessed by appointment. This allows the organization to provide you with one-on-one assistance during your visit, a complimentary service you can only expect from the best planner for college students. But you may also order their handbooks, newsletters, and brochures online. All these assets are available to you for free.

Also included in EducationQuest Foundation’s lineup of services are scholarship for college students in need, college access grants for middle schools and high schools, and outreach programs to different community agencies. These are all designed to provide free assistance to learners across the state.

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