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For thousands of years, humans have created different forms of art and craft. They have become an integral part of different cultures in society. Sadly, some people no longer take arts and crafts seriously because they believe anyone can do them.

This is why different countries around the world have been doing their best to preserve and revive the dying industry of craft and art making. But why is it important to save, protect, and support the arts and crafts sector of society? Here are some answers to this question:

Personal and Social Identity

Crafts and arts reflect an individual or a society’s feelings, character, behavior, belief, and more. This means that people can learn more about a person or a society simply by studying their arts and crafts. The Egyptian and Greek civilizations are great examples. We were able to get to know more about the people during those ancient times because of their magnificent arts and crafts.

Form of Communication

We live in a world where countries have different languages and dialects. And although we have English as a universal language, many people still don’t know how to speak it. Fortunately, arts and crafts are considered universal forms of communication. They can speak to everyone and evoke emotions, thoughts, or ideas.


Promotes Tourism

The success of many economies around the world relies on tourism. It can boost the economy’s revenue, develop the infrastructures of a country, and create thousands of jobs.


One of the main reasons why a location has high tourism revenue is because of the crafts or arts that they offer. According to WorldAtlas, France is the top most visited country in the world because it offers plenty of stunning artworks like the Eifel Tower and its magnificent castles.


Second on the list is Spain, while the United States comes third. In Omaha, Nebraska, tourists love to visit St. Cecilia’s Cathedral, Joslyn Castle, and Old Market.


Join Our Art and Craft Show!

Now that you know the importance of supporting and preserving arts and crafts, consider attending Rockbrook Village’s show on May 22, 2021 from 10 AM to 5 PM at 2800 South 110th Court Omaha, NE. There will be local designers, makers, apothecaries, small batch food and drink purveyors, and vintage curators showcasing their arts and crafts. Join us now! Admission is free!