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Having a pet bird differs from having other pets like cats and dogs. It has different requirements for care, so don’t worry because it’s easy to handle. When it’s time to welcome the newest family member to your home, it’s important to prepare everything. Here are the essential pet bird supplies you’ll need:

Get Your Pet Bird the Right Birdcage

You need to get two cages. The first one serves as a place for your pet bird to stay, so the cage must be big enough to let it spread its wings. The second one, which must be smaller, will be used for travelling or as a temporary cage when you need to clean the bigger one.

Exercise is also important for your pet, so the cage must also have ample room to walk and fly around. Also, add some perches that your pet can jump around on and ladders that they can climb on.

Give Your Pet Bird Proper Food and Nutrition

Have food and water bowls in the birdcage. Cleaning and disinfecting stainless steel bowls are easier than doing so on plastic ones, so stainless steel makes the ideal material for those bowls. Make sure that your bird has a healthy diet. Bird pellets are the perfect food for them. They’re already packed with the right nutrition that helps your pet maintain a good diet. You can supplement their meals with fresh vegetables and fruits or even add a treat every now and then.

Get Other Essential Accessories

Another thing to add to your bird essentials is a birdbath. Place a shallow bowl your pet bird can use to clean itself. However, some birds love to be misted instead. Get a spray bottle if that’s the case, or try different bathing methods to see which one your bird likes.

Birds need to be active, and toys are a way to keep them entertained. You can buy toys that will stimulate the mind, toys that will require your bird to move, toys that can comfort them, and toys they can chew on.

Interact With Your Pet Bird Often

Aside from toys, a good way to keep your bird entertained is to interact with it. Tamed birds also love being handled. However, let them settle for a while during the first couple of days after you brought them home. Each day, try approaching your pet bird slowly. It might not want to be approached at first but over the time, trust will be established and your pet will love interacting with you more.

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