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If you’re planning to put up your own business, one of the hardest decisions you would have to make is choosing between buying or leasing a commercial property. Of course, if you don’t have enough funds to buy a building, then you should start looking for a commercial space for rent. But, even if you do have sufficient capital, leasing might still be your best option. Here’s why:



One of the reasons why most new business owners choose to lease a commercial property is its flexibility. When the lease expires, you can either renew or terminate the contract depending on your situation. If your company is growing and you think you need a bigger space, you can choose to relocate to a new office that better suits your business needs.


Minimal Liability and Responsibility

Depending on your contract or lease agreement and the type of business you have, you may not be responsible for any maintenance, remodeling, security, and other management issues. The property owner or landlord will take care of those for you. All you have to think about is your interior space and how to accomplish your business goals. But, if you own the building and you have tenants, you may be liable for damages when accidents or other unfortunate events occur.


No Down Payment

Putting up a new business is already expensive, so why spend more money on down payments? When you buy a commercial property, you usually have to pay 20 or 25 percent of the price as a down payment and mortgage the balance. But when you choose to lease, you would only have to worry about the security deposit and payment of the initial rent. This could truly be a blessing if you don’t have enough funds.

Lease a Commercial Property Now!

If you are looking for a commercial space for rent in Omaha, NE, feel free to reach out to Rockbrook Village. We have properties that are suitable for almost any type of businesses. Our tenants are already enjoying very convenient locations that boast high-traffic counts.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us now! One of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to answer any inquiries you have and assist you.


For thousands of years, humans have created different forms of art and craft. They have become an integral part of different cultures in society. Sadly, some people no longer take arts and crafts seriously because they believe anyone can do them.

This is why different countries around the world have been doing their best to preserve and revive the dying industry of craft and art making. But why is it important to save, protect, and support the arts and crafts sector of society? Here are some answers to this question:

Personal and Social Identity

Crafts and arts reflect an individual or a society’s feelings, character, behavior, belief, and more. This means that people can learn more about a person or a society simply by studying their arts and crafts. The Egyptian and Greek civilizations are great examples. We were able to get to know more about the people during those ancient times because of their magnificent arts and crafts.

Form of Communication

We live in a world where countries have different languages and dialects. And although we have English as a universal language, many people still don’t know how to speak it. Fortunately, arts and crafts are considered universal forms of communication. They can speak to everyone and evoke emotions, thoughts, or ideas.


Promotes Tourism

The success of many economies around the world relies on tourism. It can boost the economy’s revenue, develop the infrastructures of a country, and create thousands of jobs.


One of the main reasons why a location has high tourism revenue is because of the crafts or arts that they offer. According to WorldAtlas, France is the top most visited country in the world because it offers plenty of stunning artworks like the Eifel Tower and its magnificent castles.


Second on the list is Spain, while the United States comes third. In Omaha, Nebraska, tourists love to visit St. Cecilia’s Cathedral, Joslyn Castle, and Old Market.


Join Our Art and Craft Show!

Now that you know the importance of supporting and preserving arts and crafts, consider attending Rockbrook Village’s show on May 22, 2021 from 10 AM to 5 PM at 2800 South 110th Court Omaha, NE. There will be local designers, makers, apothecaries, small batch food and drink purveyors, and vintage curators showcasing their arts and crafts. Join us now! Admission is free!



If you are going to buy a t-shirt, would you purchase it from a small and local business or a big shopping mall? Do you prefer buying locally made products or internationally manufactured goods? Whatever your answers are to these questions, the important thing is that you’re happy and satisfied with your purchase. However, you may want to support a local business when you go shopping next time. Here’s why:

  • You’re Helping Improve the Local Economy

When you choose to buy from a locally owned business, expect that more money is kept in the community. This is because local shops usually purchase goods from other domestic companies.

A study also shows that for every $100 you spend at a local business, $68 remains in the community. This is bigger compared to when you purchase at a chain retailer, where only $43 stays in the community for every $100 you expend.

  • You Help People Keep Their Jobs

If local businesses stop operating, it isn’t just the owners who lose their jobs. The people working for them are also left unemployed. And one of the main reasons why local shops fail is because of the lack of support from the community.

So, when you support a local business, you’re not just helping the company stay open. You’re also helping the employees of the company keep their jobs.

  • You Usually Get Better Customer Service

When you shop at a large corporation, seeking assistance can be exhausting. You may be asked to dial a certain number only to be put on hold and transferred to another team. This is why many people say that small and local businesses offer better customer service.

The local business owner is usually directly connected to the staff. So, if you have a problem or concern about a defective product, you might get a solution right away.

Shop at Rockbrook Village!

If you want to support local businesses in Omaha, NE, consider shopping at Rockbrook Village. We have more than 50 homegrown and locally owned specialty shops, restaurants, and service businesses. Visit us now!


As we all know, school can be very expensive. And with millions of Americans now out of work due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of college students across the country say they can no longer afford their tuition fees. According to a report, some students have not enrolled in universities or colleges to seek alternative education options or full-time employment instead.

Thankfully, banks and other nonprofit organizations offer student loans. These financial aids are a big help, especially for students with fewer financial resources. So, how does one apply for a student loan?

Fill Out the Government’s FAFSA

The first step students need to do when applying for a loan is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. The students will be asked to provide their income and investments, as well as their parents’. After calculating the students’ Expected Family Contributions or EFC, the government can determine how much money the students need to pay for college.

Check and Understand Student Loan Options

Students have two main options—federal and private loans. Both of these types of loans provide temporary funding assistance. The main difference is that a federal student loan comes from the government (U.S. Department of Education), while a private loan comes from institutions like banks, credit unions, and other organizations.


While some students choose to apply only for federal student loans, others apply for both federal and private loans. This usually happens when the federal loan isn’t enough to cover a student’s expenses.


Review the Award Letter

Once the students have completed the FAFSA and are accepted into college, schools will send them a financial aid award letter. This contains what federal student loans are available and the aid students are eligible to receive.

The students should review the award letter first to check if a federal loan is what they really need. When they have decided to accept the loan, all they have to do is sign the letter and return it to the school financial aid office.


Visit Rockbrook Village

If you’re looking for quality college planning resources, consider visiting Rockbrook Village. We have a nonprofit organization at our shopping complex that is ready to assist you in college planning and more. Contact us now!



Good hygiene, frequent checkups, and correct treatments keep your teeth strong and your gums healthy. But there’s more to oral care than simply making your smile picture-perfect. In this blog, you’ll learn about the other benefits that come with proper dental maintenance. Read on and discover more reasons to look after your oral health!

  1. Avoid and Treat Dental Problems

    Regular brushing and flossing help avoid gum disease, tooth decay, halitosis, and mouth sores. Routine visits to your trusted Omaha dental care expert reduce the risk of developing such oral health conditions. With frequent consultations, your dentist can also diagnose and treat any existing problems you may have. So, make sure you observe proper hygiene and consult your dentist to maintain optimal oral health.

  2. Prevent Health Complications

    The state of your dental health affects your overall well-being. Recent studies show evidence that links your oral wellness to non-dental medical conditions. For example, having poor gum health puts you at risk of heart disease. This is why maintaining great oral health helps minimize the possibility of getting severe complications.

    Your dental condition can also show warning signs of any developing or existing ailments. Bad breath and mouth sores are common symptoms of digestive problems and immunodeficiency disorders, respectively, while gum disease is a possible effect of diabetes. Your dentist will assess if your dental issues are related to your current health condition and suggest seeking proper diagnosis and treatment from specialists.

  3. Boost Confidence

    Tooth decay and gum infection, if left untreated, can develop into noticeable problems like tooth yellowing, tooth loss, and bad breath. These issues can negatively impact your self-esteem and social skills. Make it a habit to practice regular oral care so you can enjoy a flawless smile and excellent dental health. With great oral wellness, you can be more confident about yourself around others.

Get Professional Oral Care for Exceptional Results

Caring for your dental health benefits your overall well-being. Start investing in oral care today to ensure your wellness! Seeking an expert’s assistance yields even better results, so make sure that you partner with a qualified Omaha dental care professional for your oral health needs. Rockbrook Village has an outstanding clinic that’s ready to provide the support you require. Inquire today to learn more.

If you’re heading out to search for interesting products and locally produced merchandise, make sure you read this blog first. You’ll find the best stores to visit for unique buys and homegrown finds in this quick guide. So read on, create your wish list, plan your trip, and head out on an exhilarating shopping spree.

Alletti Jewelry

One-of-a-kind treasures await at Alletti Jewelry, the destination for fine jewelry shopping in Omaha, Nebraska. The shop is home to a wide range of timeless, exclusive pieces crafted by budding and leading local artisans. From engagement rings to statement accessories, they have it all.

Discover precious pieces for you and your loved ones by visiting Alletti Jewelry. For inquiries, feel free to call 402-926-4000.

Four Sisters Boutique

Shopping for clothes, accessories, and gift items is always a great experience at Four Sisters Boutique. A proudly homegrown business, the store delights fashion aficionados and casual customers alike with contemporary pieces at competitive rates. They specialize in stylish apparel and accessories for women of all ages.

Score outstanding deals on chic fashion finds at Four Sisters Boutique today! To learn about their ongoing promotions, call 402-884-6399.

Earthly Beauty

When buying care essentials, there’s no other local shop to visit than Earthly Beauty. The store boasts an extensive inventory of care products for the face, skin, and body from today’s most trusted brands and manufacturers. All items in their catalog are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and sustainable.

Head over to Earthly Beauty today and stock up on high-quality care items to pamper yourself with. If you wish to inquire about their products, please call 402-281-0213.

Old World Oil & Vinegar

Everybody’s in for a flavorful treat with every visit to Old World Oil & Vinegar. Awaiting customers at this locally owned tasting room are flavor-infused olive oils, vinegar, sea salts, dried mushroom varieties, and microgreens from all over the world. The store also offers gift sets as well as tips and tricks in incorporating their products into popular recipes.

Serve tastier dishes at home with spices and condiments from Old World Oil & Vinegar! You may also get in touch with them at 402-932-4450.

Discover More of the City’s Premier Shopping Destination

As the city’s premier shopping destination, we have nothing but the best local stores in Omaha, Nebraska, waiting for you! You’ll always have remarkable options here at Rockbrook Village. So, feel free to stroll the streets some more after visiting the shops on this list.




Your search for mouth-watering dishes and unique dining experiences end here! In this blog, we’ve listed the top-rated local restaurants and coffee shops in the city where you can enjoy the most delightful mealtimes.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on and start planning your visit to the best places to eat in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Jaipur Brewing Company and Restaurant

It’s a huge feat to be regarded as one of the best food places in a city that boasts a competitive and diverse culinary landscape. This is an achievement The Jaipur Brewing Company and Restaurant proudly carries. The place is highly acclaimed by food critics, publications, and visitors for their cuisine and service.

The Jaipur Brewing Company and Restaurant serves signature Indian dishes that are meticulously prepared with the finest homegrown ingredients. They complement their delicious food with equally fine wines and liquor. And by combining these offerings with top-notch service and a laid-back ambiance with soothing music, they treat guests to romantic mealtimes.

Experience what makes The Jaipur Brewing Company and Restaurant the top choice in the area! Visit them at Rockbrook Village today. For reservations, call 402-392-7331.

Don Carmelo’s Pizzeria

Filling mealtimes await at Don Carmelo’s Pizzeria, the city’s home of authentic Italian cuisine since 1980. The restaurant is beloved for treating customers with generous servings of heavenly Italian dishes and delicacies. They also pair their kitchen creations with exceptional service, guaranteeing everyone an outstanding dining experience in every visit.

Visit Don Carmelo’s Pizzeria at Rockbrook Village today for your Italian food fix! Call 402-933-3190 for inquiries and deliveries.

The Hunger Block

No other local food place cooks Latin American cuisine like The Hunger Block. Theirs is always prepared with the freshest local ingredients, which are cooked to perfection, so every bite is flavorful bliss. The restaurant offers a wide-ranging menu featuring popular Central and Latin American meals that are sure to satisfy your food cravings. From street tacos and stuffed arepas to hotdogs and burgers, they serve it all!

Eat to your heart’s content today! Head over to The Hunger Block at Rockbrook Village. For more details, call 402-557-6738.

Discover More Food Spots Today

Omaha, Nebraska is brimming with remarkable restaurants, bars, and cafes. Once you’ve checked out all the places on this list, feel free to look around and discover more places to eat at. Here at Rockbrook Village, we have superb establishments that guarantee amazing mealtimes. Make sure to visit us!