Friday Night Concerts and the Thrill of Live Performances

During the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, live performances were restricted. Fans had no choice but to watch their favorite performers online. And although it’s okay to watch artists over live streaming applications, there’s just something magical about watching them perform live.

Now that live shows like Friday night concerts are back, many people can’t hide their excitement to attend such events. But why do people opt to watch live performances over recorded ones? Below are the possible answers:


Watching Live Performances Helps Raise Your Spirits

Some say that attending live concerts helps lift their spirits when feeling down. The crowd’s energy, liveliness, and excitement can rub off on you, enabling you to forget whatever you’re going through, even for just a few moments.

Research also shows that buying a ticket and preparing for the concert releases dopamine in your brain that can help you feel happier. And as you sing along and enjoy the music during the event, endorphins are released, making you feel even better.

Watching Live Performances Provide Social Connection

One thing that makes music magical is that it can connect people of any age, race, or sexual orientation. The people around you may be strangers you’ll never see again, but at that moment, you are all connected by your love for that art you’re witnessing. Who knows? You might make new friends with some of them.

Watching Live Performances Helps Support Your Favorite Artists

For a concert or live show to succeed, your favorite artists and other people behind the event must put in a lot of effort, time, and money. When you attend such a musical performance, you’ll be able to support or help all of them.

Attend Rockbrook Village’s Friday Night Concert Series!

Rockbrook Village offers free, family-friendly concert series every Friday night from June to August 2023. The event features local musicians and is co-sponsored by the Omaha Musicians Union, Rockbrook Village Merchants’ Association, and the Music Performance Trust Fund.

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