Pulled BBQ: All You Need to Know

When talking about grilled meat dishes, Pulled BBQ or pulled pork is probably on top of the mind of many people. It’s a cooking method where a piece of pork is cooked over low heat for an extended period until it’s possible to pull the meat apart with a fork. Learn more information below:

History of Pulled Pork
The process of cooking pulled pork is said to have started in the Southern United States when Spanish explorers introduced hogs to Florida and Alabama in 1540. Instead of coals, the tribespeople in the region were said to cook meat and fish using green wood.

Due to the region’s harsh weather conditions, cattle perished, and pigs were the only source of meat available for the settlers. After some time, the pulled pork cooking method was eventually invented.

How Is Pulled Pork Cooked?
As stated, pulled pork is traditionally cooked over a low, smoky fire. But nowadays, the dish can be prepared using a conventional oven. Condiments like brown sugar, garlic, onion, salt, paprika, and pepper are typically rubbed all over the meat before cooking it using any of the methods mentioned.

What’s the Best Cut for Making Pulled Pork?
Most people would agree that the shoulder (the entire leg and shoulder of a hog) is the best cut for making pulled pork. However, grocery stores usually divide the pork shoulder into two: picnic roast and Boston Butt.

The picnic roast, or, as the National Pork Board likes to call it, “the top portion of the front leg of the hog,” is taken above the foreleg and the lower shoulder. On the other hand, the Boston butt refers to the upper portion of the pig’s front shoulder, which is located above the picnic roast.

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