Why Bread Is the Ultimate Comfort Food

The rise of so-called comfort foods is not surprising as families spend more time at home and get less physical activity. Baked goods from a bread shop, in particular, are popular among these delicious, satisfying foods. Most people’s favorite purchases include sprouted bread, baguettes, biscuits, whole white bread, and multigrain bread.

Bread is often seen as a staple food, but it is much more than that. A recent study from the Grain Food Foundation shows that bread is among the top comfort foods for Americans. Furthermore, bread also ranks among the most nutritious foods (unlike ice cream, salty snacks, and fast food). Because of this, people can enjoy bread while taking advantage of its nutritional value at the same time.

What Is It About Bread That Makes It Comfort Food?
Aside from the fact that baked goods are delicious, there are other reasons why it is such a comforting food. According to Christine Webber, a psychotherapist, food such as bread impact our minds not just because they satisfy our cravings but also because they bring back heartwarming childhood and family memories. It triggers nostalgic thoughts that remind us of the times we were loved and cared for.

Furthermore, the smell and warmth of a fresh loaf of bread can be enough to reduce stress and anxiety. According to social psychologists from Oxford University and Dawn Foods, outside of taste bud satisfaction, holding freshly baked goods in your hands can be soothing and meditative. It provides physical pleasure and contributes to feelings of relaxation and comfort.

In addition to the comforting aroma, bread is essential to many healthy eating plans as it provides significant nutritional benefits that our body needs. It contains B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, iron, folate, and fiber, which are all critical for healthy aging.

You Can Find Comfort in Bread!
When it comes to comfort food, bread is the number one pick for many. If you’re looking for freshly baked goods in Omaha, visit our local bread shop, Great Harvest, in Rockbrook Village. We have an incredible selection of homemade bread, rolls, and sandwiches. Come see us today!

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