50th Annual Art Fair

In 1971 Gloria Matthews organized the first Rockbrook Village Art Fair with only 15 artists. She was able to grow the event into one of the best art fairs in Nebraska. At the time of her death in 1991 it was an established annual event, hosting over 100 artists from across the country. It was at this time that her predecessor, Juanita “Charlie” Galvan, stepped up to fill the void that Gloria had left.

Charlie took over operation of the Rockbrook Village Art Fair where her energy was contagious and addictive to all the artists and volunteers. She continued to encourage artists from all over the country to participate and grew it to 120 artists. Charlie was able to host artists such as a sea glass jeweler from Hawaii, a bonsai artist from California, an artist named a Who’s Who in America and so many more.

Since the Pandemic made it impossible to hold the Art Fair in 2020, Charlie hosted her last event in 2019. On January 9, 2021 Charlie died unexpectedly leaving behind a shocked and grieving group of family, friends and artists.

In honor of her legacy, the 2021 Rockbrook Village Art Fair 50th anniversary will be hosted by Charlie’s long-time friend Janie Harting. Returning artists and customers will recognize Janie since she and her children have been volunteers at the show for over thirty years. Janie worked in the graphic art field until her retirement in March 2019. She is working hard to fill Charlie’s shoes and will be hosting a variety of artists from all parts of the country.

We are excited to be celebrating the 50th Rockbrook Village Art Fair and look forward to seeing everyone September 11th & 12th.
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