Earthly Beauty

Rockbrook Village is excited to announce the addition of skincare boutique, Earthly Beauty Inc. to the growing list of locally owned retail shops.

Earthly Beauty brings a new concept to the Omaha market with a store that is specifically focused on providing skincare products with one over-riding mantra, “do no harm.” This means customers can expect to find skincare products that align with their three core principles: non-toxic, sustainable and cruelty-free.

Earthly Beauty offers products for all walks of life, including baby and mama care, facial care for sensitive or reactive skin, men’s products including moustache or beard care, as well as plenty of products for your self-indulgent moments like bath salts, scrubs, balms, oils, and lotions. They even offer a few products for the sensitive pup in your life!

Owner Karen Carroll, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and is also a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist explains, “I was unable to find environmentally friendly products that supported my core principals here in Omaha and it was difficult to determine whether or not a product was actually ethically produced or if the company was just greenwashing.” Greenwashing or green marketing is a strategy used by some businesses to promote the perception that their products or business practices are environmentally friendly when they in fact are not.

Carroll soon came to realize she was not alone in her quest for ethically produced skincare products and decided that a brick-and-mortar store where all the research had already been done for customers was needed in Omaha. Not only would this simplify the process for customers, but it would also allow them to see and test the products for themselves, ensuring they are confident in their purchasing decisions. “We have painstakingly researched and curated the brands we offer to make certain they meet our standards and are completely transparent with regard to the ingredients used and how they are sourced.” Carroll adds, “Most of the product lines offered are small-batch manufacturers who create each of their products by hand—some even have their own sustainable farms where they raise the plants, goats and bees from which they harvest their ingredients!”
Earthly Beauty is located at 2814 S 110th Court and is open for business Monday – Friday from 9 am – 6 pm, and 10 am – 6 pm on Saturdays. They will be closed on Sundays. For more information please contact Karen Carroll at 402.281.0213

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